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  1. Earlier today we moved our IRC Server. The DNS has not changed ( but you will need to disconnect and then reconnect to be transferred to the new one. You will need to re-register with NickServ which can be done with the following command /msg Nickserv register PASSWORD EMAIL (obviously enter your own password and email). The announce channel on the old server has stopped working and the support channel is no longer being monitored. Please all move over at your earliest convenience. Thanks, BeyondHD Staff
  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance.
  3. Congratulations to t******* who won lottery 2019-32 Results for Lottery 2019-32 *** people entered, with a total sweetening of ****GB. Winners were: FIRST PLACE 100GB t******* SECOND PLACE 50GB ***** THIRD PLACE 30GB *****
  4. Google Translation: NordicBits v.2 BETA TEST is now over - everything has gone as it should. We are now starting right / adapting the last so then we start moving NB v2 to our new servers. Downtime may occur in this regard. We thank all the users who participated in testing NB v2
  5. If your profile says you are umconnectable try reading this forum post. HERE!
  6. Google Translation: Thanks everyone! Sorry, but we say goodbye. Hmm ... hello ladies and gentlemen. I have one news for you, sad and sorrowful. As they say - everything in our world flows, everything changes. Life does not stand still. And the stars have developed so that at this stage none of the "founding fathers" has the time or opportunity to engage in the development of our tracker. Therefore, we decided to complete this story of our life with you and move on. Therefore, we inform you that this site will be available for another 1-1.5 weeks, after which it will close. As for the groups R.G. Catalyst and R.G. Origins - the groups decided to continue releasing releases of repacks and streamers and more, just not here, but on the tracker.
  7. Summer Open Registrations Summer Open Registrations We've always prided ourselves on being an open site that lends a hand to those who are new to the world of private torrent trackers, rather than labelling them as n00bs and casting them aside. So the time has come to open the registrations again. Starting on the 4th August we have open registrations for 2 weeks. If you've got a friend or family member who wants to join, tell them to hurry and register before our doors close! Regards Speed Staff
  8. Google Translation: Your top 10 french movies Hello all, Films not present on HD-F and / or films present but without Seed for at least 2 months. I created a list of French films that I want to buy in BluRay for the benefit of the HD-F community. Hardly findable films and the inevitable French cinema. The list is so long that it is difficult for me to create a priority, that's why I propose to create us after this post (in response) your top 10 French films that it would be essential for HD -F to own. For that I need title, year, and Amazon link. avoid putting a comment of the style "all the Louis de Funès" or "all the gendarmes" etc ... you absolutely need the title, the year, and the Amazon link. So it goes without saying that we should not expect to find them on the site in the next two months, I will buy little by little according to my means. These BluRays will be purchased on own funds (without the use of donations site) as I am already doing. Do not put more than 10 titles Please, another list can be created later if your participation in it is at the appointment. I will close this top 10 in 3 months (28/09/2019) to allow time for everyone to participate. In advance, thank you all for your participation in this top 10 which I hope will help to better meet the expectations of our community.
  9. Maintenance We are currently performing updates, please check back soon!
  10. Invitation giveaway expired The SUMMER2019 invitation code is now officially expired. Welcome to all our new members!! August 12th 2019
  11. Google Translation: Freeleech 2 days, 09 hours ---------------------------------------------------- Dear users. We've surpassed the 28,000k torrent population, so we're on Freeleech. Freeleech for 2 days, 12 hours
  12. Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of The Week on BitTorrent – 08/12/19 The top 10 most downloaded movies on BitTorrent are in again. 'Aladdin' tops the chart this week, followed by ‘The Hustle'. 'Avengers: Endgame' completes the top three. This week we have four newcomers in our chart. Aladdin is the most downloaded movie. The data for our weekly download chart is estimated by TorrentFreak, and is for informational and educational reference only. All the movies in the list are Web-DL/Webrip/HDRip/BDrip/DVDrip unless stated otherwise. RSS feed for the articles of the recent weekly movie download charts. This week’s most downloaded movies are: Movie RankRank last weekMovie nameIMDb Rating / Trailer Most downloaded movies via torrents 1(…)Aladdin7.3 / trailer 2(…)The Hustle5.3 / trailer 3(1)Avengers: Endgame8.7 / trailer 4(…)Brightburn6.2 / trailer 5(…)Rocketman7.6 / trailer 6(5)Alita: Battle Angel7.5 / trailer 7(2)The Red Sea Diving Resort6.4 / trailer 8(3)Godzilla: King of the Monsters6.5 / trailer 9(4)Hellboy5.3 / trailer 10(6)Shazam!7.3 / trailer Source:
  13. Kim Dotcom suggested this morning that he'll be mobilizing former users of Megaupload against presidential candidate Joe Biden. Dotcom says that everyone who ever uploaded to the site from a US IP address will receive a video link via email detailing how Biden claimed he was behind the destruction of Megaupload. Meanwhile, Dotcom believes the US government won't get its hands on him for years, if ever. After being targeted by the US government in 2012, it seems possible that Kim Dotcom may yet slip through the hands of at least two presidents and potentially more. It’s now seven years since the raids that dismantled his Megaupload empire yet Kim Dotcom is still in New Zealand and leading what appears to be a very privileged life. At the same time as fighting with every legal bone in his body, he is clearly determined to stir up a political storm in the United States too, a country he will remind you again and again that he has never even been to. For Dotcom, you see, there are old scores to be settled. Dotcom is convinced that current Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was the political driving force behind the fate of Megaupload. The former vice president burnt the file-hosting site to the ground as a “gift” to his friends in Hollywood, Dotcom insists. And soon, it will be payback time. In a series of tweets this morning, Dotcom said that next year he will be mirroring his infamous campaign against former candidate Hillary Clinton to ensure that Joe Biden never sets foot in the White House. “Like @ hillaryClinton he’s corrupt to the core and can never become US President. Watch me in 2020,” he warned. Dotcom usually plays some of his cards close to his chest, while teasing others well in advance of their production. However, he’s now on record that he’ll be using a database of former Megaupload users apparently still in his possession to mobilize against Biden. “Still waiting to get access to your Megaupload files?” he wrote. “I will email 30 million former US Megaupload users a video link in 2020 explaining how @JoeBiden destroyed your favorite website. Most of you were teenagers or students then but now you’re voters. Let’s retire Biden together,” the Megaupload founder added. Putting the two parts together suggests that Dotcom not only has uploaders’ IP addresses to geo-locate them but their corresponding email addresses too. With the statute of limitations long exceeded in cases of alleged copyright infringement, errant users probably shouldn’t be too concerned, even if those can be matched to uploads. While it seems extremely unlikely that any will ever get access to their files again, Dotcom says they will be receiving something else from him, something that he hopes will undermine both Biden and his campaign. “Everyone who ever uploaded a file to Megaupload from a US IP address will receive this video link about how @JoeBiden abused his power to destroy Megaupload, incl. commentary from an insider and Biden bragging to a lawyer we planted at a fundraiser that HE destroyed MU,” Dotcom added. Although the content of the forthcoming video is yet to be seen, the allegations against Biden certainly aren’t new. They are almost as old as the case against Dotcom himself, which has been moving at a glacial pace since its inception more than three-quarters of a decade ago. And according to Dotcom, it might still only be at its halfway point. In June, after a tortuous path through the lower courts, New Zealand’s Supreme Court heard the extradition case against Dotcom. It is yet to hand down any decision but even at this stage, the Megaupload founder is making his predictions. In tweets over the past several weeks, Dotcom has predicted that he will lose by a slim margin. “I can tell you from my experience with the Courts that relationships are more important than laws. Judges are appointed to support the govt of the time and not for guardianship of the law. My upcoming 2-3 Supreme Court judgment will prove my point,” he wrote last week. But even then the show won’t be over, far from it. Another seven years? Possibly… At the time of writing, Dotcom claims that he’s has already been on bail longer than anyone in New Zealand’s history but he’s vowing to stick it out “until the end” while making as much mud stick as he can – both at home and in the United States. “My case is the biggest stain on New Zealand’s rule of law. My gift to the ‘independent’ Judiciary,” he concludes. Source:
  14. Happy Birthday M******* On Behalf of all Fellow DT family members we would like to wish the youngest, laziest and craziest mod of DT - M******* - a Very happy Birthday May You Continue Your Noble work for many more years to come - DT Family
  15. Google Translation: Peace be upon you Hello, Dear Members .. I have sent 10,000 bonus gifts to you ... Now everyone can request the presentation !! CLICK and Ask Your Presentation And We'll Load It (Simple)