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  1. XTF

    cinemageddon || News

    it would be nice if they opened their invite system from time to time
  2. XTF

    How to get old IS back ?

    indeed i agree, however there is much to be done yet but in time it will all be ok
  3. really? which country is that? it's outrageous if you ask me omg
  4. XTF

    CHDBits : News

    great news ! thanks DT
  5. nice review...if somebody wants a invite to sdbits pls apply in giveaway section in my topic
  6. XTF

    Best Game Console

    no i havent...im not into gaming much...when will it be released to general public?
  7. XTF

    Best Game Console

    does anyone here owns a ps 4? can share some impressions with us?
  8. XTF

    TTG - Latest News

    thanks for the news.. google translate by any chance?
  9. XTF

    [Forum Game] #Last Post Wins!

    looool did anybody read the description of this section : " Chill out & feel free to talk about anything and everything. DONOT spam !" guess not )
  10. as Inviter said, IS will be better than ever before.And no worries about users, in about 1-2 months numbers will be restored