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  1. Jokerq

    2 x CHDBits Invite GIveaway

    I'm a beginner here but I'd like to apply anyway Thanks for putting the offer up.
  2. Jokerq

    Demonoid invite

    I would like one! thanks
  3. Jokerq

    2 X chdbits GA

    Would love an invite! thanks!
  4. Denzel Washington
  5. Jokerq

    Favourite TV-Shows

    Suits, Star Wars Rebels, Flash are my fav's
  6. Jokerq

    What was the last movie you've seen?

    Watched the huntsman winters war. Couldn't really get into it.
  7. Jokerq

    2 x Immortalseed Invites Giveaway

    Great GA! Would like to apply, thanks!