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  1. Hello there, please, i want to apply to the contest. Have a nice week
  2. Good evening, i'm interested in Apollo invitation :-)
  3. Abdoral

    Happy New Year!

    Still january, so, Happy New Year folks! :-)
  4. Abdoral

    Waffles.ch: News

    Ok, thanks for let me now. Here i tried with the ending .fm and .ch, both with no success. I'll try to apply for WhatCd when available.
  5. Deviloid and Waffles (fm and ch) are down
  6. Abdoral

    Waffles.ch: News

    Good morning Len, Do you access to Waffles, for me seems to be down since yesterday Abdoral
  7. One goes, another one appears :-)
  8. Abdoral

    What phone do you have?

    Asus Zenfone
  9. Hi @Inviter! I want to apply please Thanks in advance @Abdoral
  10. Everything absolutely fine. Thanks a lot mirr1234.
  11. Abdoral

    New Theme: IS v4.0

    I think it is good, the tune is discret and call the attention anyway. So, i will not waste yout ime, thanks a lot for the reply. Congratulations again Abdoral
  12. Abdoral

    New Theme: IS v4.0

    And the notification have a little chime, cool, i was watching a tv series then i heard it lol. Really nice.