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  1. HAVE: Have : Ninjacentral ,Peerfm,Yuwabits,Potuk,EOT,PT WANT: Up to two invitations by bibliotik Bibliotik , Empornium , Efectodoppler
  2. Yes they are changing the server but the tracker is onn again and with new URL.
  3. Are changing server the tracker is with another URL.
  4. HAVE: Have : Ninjacentral ,Peerfm,Yuwabits,Potuk,EOT,PT WANT: Bibliotik , Empornium
  5. HAVE: Have : Manicomio-Share ,Peerfm,Yuwabits,Potuk,EOT,PT WANT: konor.net invite
  6. have theplace acc want thavault 

  7. HAVE: Bitorrentfiles invites WANT: adbt.it.cx invite or good offers