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  1. i have SDBits account with 4 invites and i will give it for SCC invite, CartoonChaos invite, FileList invite or bittorrentfiles invite. as for PTP i still have invite so please if anyone interested offer me something like wihd, hdbits or pedros, GardenCenterStage, TorrentHeaven or wolke.skynet, Sinderella respect
  2. o man, fuckin scammers sorry to hear that you lost your account, am surprised that admins didnt do anything respect
  3. it seams that this tread is old, also pm member and he dont want to respond so rep removed
  4. send me yours mails please leave feedback after registering
  5. anyone have but with mail
  6. i decide to share with community my invites
  7. i would like to apply, rep added, thanks
  8. hi all, i would like to quickly trade, i have pass the popcorn invite and i would like from you to offer me something, pm me or something, dont know how things here works see ya