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  1. cmdx26

    have want btn brow 

  2. [Have]Bitmetv Btn MMA Tracker And More [Need]Thevalut And Pm Me For Offer
  3. From Staff - The tracker is experiencing technical difficulties. Please leave your clients seeding. Site is up. It is just tracker having issue.
  4. Hello peeps!I decide that show must go on and our litlle forum will continue to give free premium web design staff!!I hope that we will have nice future, new good and trusted members and the best premium staff for share.Thanx to all members , yes we have so many users to say thanx, so thank you all for share your staff with us!Special thanx go to borg my friend and brother in arm for all!Se ya !!!//staff
  5. Hello dear member,This weekend there is a lot of MMA events, and you might be thinking about how to download them all without hurting your ratio? Well the answer is simple. One way would be by donating and getting double back!With this in mind we have activated double donations from now until weekend is over, Monday 22:nd of February.Take this opportunity to support the tracker, help with server costs and get double back!We accept Skrill, Stripe, PayPal, Bitcoin and hard work...Kind regards, Staff
  6. Found yourself IP locked? While we have made some changes to reduce the chance of false positives, nothing is perfect; IP or ISP changes can cause IP locks. If you have been locked and have some issue unlocking yourself (lost access to email, never receive the unlock email, the link you get doesn't seem to work, etc.) please leave a reply in this thread: If you've moved (another country or a long distance within the same country) or use some sort of proxy/Tor/VPN, please tell us. //staff
  7. Regarding invites: As for now, invites are a mystical creature, just be happy if you see one. Things have been clamped down for the foreseeable future. No more info is available at this time. //staff