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  1. Recent DowntimeWe're back after a considerable amount of issues have plagued the site, everything should be in order and we are currently running without error. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. Welcome back!! Hello, folks. As most of you are aware, ADC was down for the last few days. This downtime was due to a DDoS attack. That attack is still happening, which means that further downtime can be expected and you may have trouble reaching the site and/or tracker at some points. ADC is one of the several trackers that are being DDoSed by the same perpetrator. We'll do what we can to keep things running as smoothly as possible while the attack continues, but the nature of a DDoS leaves much of the situation out of our hands. Our DNS records have also been changed so some users will not be able to reach ADC until their ISP purges its cached DNS records. For most users, their ISP will update the DNS records within an hour or two at most, but unfortunately, there are ISPs that like to aggressively cache DNS records for extended periods. So if your friend cannot connect while the site is available for you, he may be stuck waiting several days for his ISP to stop being lazy. tl;dr ADC is being DDoSed. If you can't connect for a while, don't panic and just watch some Asian movies.
  3. Dear Darkcore Friends, We send out an open invitation to join us on site at 4pm UK time for our chart show today 2016/12/18, hosted by our own resident DJ Musiccity who will be running throw the UK / USA charts, it could be from the early 60's 70's 80's!! but we guarantee you a very good time, musiccity will also be taking request.. So now we have got you tuned in WHY not stay a bit longer and perhaps join in our Sunday quiz with Tapogoco commencing at 8pm UK time, no problem if you do not wish to participate, just stop by and support us.. Ps: How to tune in ------------- -------------------------------- Regards Darkcore Team Darkcore The ultimate Core
  4. 1 x speed-share 1 x m-classic Rules: 1. Apply in here and do not pm me 2. Like + Rep + Feedback Please
  5. Tracker Name: Genre: XXX Sign-up Link: Closing Date: N/A Additional Information: Malacka is a HUNGARIAN Private Torrent Tracker for XXX
  6. Piracy monetization firm Rightscorp and several copyright holders, including Hollywood studio Warner Bros, have agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit over intimidating robo-calls. The defendants will set aside $450,000 to cover the costs and more than 2,000 accused pirates are eligible for a $100 settlement each. Piracy monetization firm Rightscorp has often been criticized for its aggressive attempts to obtain settlements from allegedly pirating Internet users. Little over a year ago, these claims were accumulated in a class-action lawsuit filed in California, where the company was accused of breaking several laws in their attempt to extract settlements on behalf of Warner Bros, BMG and other copyright holders. One of the main accusations was the repeated use of robo-calls to alleged infringers. This bombardment of harassing robo-calls is a violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), the complaint alleged. Over the past few months there haven’t been any significant updates in the case but behind the scenes the parties have been working hard to reach an agreement. This week they announced to the court that a settlement had been reached (pdf). Although Rightscorp, Warner Bros. and the other defendants don’t admit to any wrongdoing, they agreed to take a loss and reserve a substantial amount of money to compensate hundreds of thousands of accused pirates. This week both parties submitted the proposed settlement to the California federal court, asking for approval. According to the paperwork Rightscorp, Warner Bros and the other defendants will set aside $450,000 to resolve the matter. “The settlement provides for a substantial benefit to the Settlement Class Members and makes available $450,000, minus Settlement Costs, to the estimated 2,059 Settlement Class Members established through pre-mediation discovery, as well as a valuable release of alleged claims Defendants have of copyright infringement for each individual class member,” the filing reads. As part of the settlement all members of the class are entitled to $100 in compensation. “Under the proposed settlement agreement, Defendants will contribute $450,000.00 to the Settlement Fund, and each Qualified Class Member who submits a claim and executes an Affidavit of Non-Infringement will receive approximately $100.00.” The funds also have to cover other costs such as administration and attorney fees, so the actual compensation may have to be reduced depending on how many accused pirates claim their share. As part of the settlement all accused pirates have to declare that they didn’t infringe any of the copyrighted works. Warner Bros and the other rightsholders will subsequently drop all copyright claims against them. The $100 is substantially less than the damages that are generally awarded for a violation of the TCPA, which range between $500 and $1,500. However, the paperwork points out that the accused pirates benefit from the fact that they are now off the hook for any potential copyright counter-claims, which could run into the billions for the entire class. “Rightscorp identified 126,409 separate acts of alleged infringement, which implicate a theoretical range of $94.8 million to $19 billion in statutory damages,” the paperwork reads. In addition to compensating the alleged pirates, Rightscorp also promises to prevent similar calls in the future without the recipient’s prior consent. This may make it harder for Rightscorp to extract settlements, which is another win for the class action members.
  7. All David Bowie releases are freeleech: one week only We've put all releases with David Bowie as the artist on freeleech. The freeleech for these torrents will run one week, ending on or shortly after 2016-01-19 00:00 server time. Items that are freeleech will have a banner on the torrent page. If you don't see the banner, the torrent isn't freeleech. Qualifying torrents uploaded after this announcement may or may not be made freeleech, depending on staff time. There is no guarantee that torrents uploaded after this will be made freeleech. Note: the normal is:free search you can do to find freeleech torrents will take some time to work for these torrents, as the search engine doesn't update at the same speed that we were able to make these torrents freeleech. We expect it will work in the hours to come. This message will be updated as that changes. Happy Downloading!
  8. David Bowie RIP Such sad news. His genius and work will always be with us but the man will surely be missed. All David Bowie torrents will be set to ratio free for awhile. //staff
  9. ONE WEEK FREELEECH JUST STARTED Wondering why there's no PotM in January? Where your keys are? Maybe in the elephant's foot umbrella stand? Stop questioning: "SECRET CINEMA Leechfest" is imminent! Now that we implemented our new database box on top of each upload thread, it's time to celebrate with a weeklong freeleech period. All torrents will be considered free to leech starting from Monday 11th to Sunday 17th of January (tracker time) for all users. During this week, no download will be counted, only upload matters. Please seed your files and check the "Reseed suggestions"... Happy New Year, motherfuckers!
  10. Tracker Name: CherryKiss Genre: XXX Sign-up Link: Closing Date: N/A Additional Information: CherryKiss is a Private Torrent Tracker for XXX
  11. Major UK Internet providers have been ordered to block access to dozens of domain names belonging to popular sports streaming sites. The Football Association and Premier League recently submitted several new domain names that link to previously blocked sites, to expand the scope of the national piracy blocklist. Over the past several years hundreds of domain names have been blocked in the UK for facilitating copyright infringement, and this list is getting longer and longer. The blocks are somewhat effective, at least in preventing subscribers from accessing the domains directly. However, many site operators and supporters launch alternative domains to bypass the restrictions. This is also true for several sports streaming sites that were blocked by the High Court following complaints from the Football Association and Premier League Limited, including Firstrow, Rojadirecta, LiveTV and Drakulastream. The football organizations recently submitted an extensive list of new domains and subdomains which were added to existing ISP filters, including, and (full list below). With the new blockades they hope to make it harder for UK citizens to stream unauthorized sports broadcasts. However, FirstRow’s operator previously told TorrentFreak that domain blocking is not going to be very effective as the streaming sources remain available. “Our site uses third-party players, so blocking FirstRow will not stop the streams, as these will still be accessible online. They are saying that FirstRow is illegal, but our site is indexing streams that are available on the web, which is free information,” FirstRow’s owner told us. “FirstRow will remain accessible for all other countries, and UK users can use proxies or the thousands of other websites like ours that remain open,” he added. The site’s owner has a point. Interestingly, FirstRow’s most popular site in the UK appears to be This site is not listed among the newly blocked URLs, so the game of Whack-A-Mole will is bound to continue. The UK is not the only country where sports streaming sites are being targeted, the same is happening in Italy and Spain. A few months ago a La Coruna court forbid Rojadirecta from linking to unauthorized streams of sports games. The streaming site, which is based in Spain, complied with the order and now blocks visitors from Spanish IP-addresses as well as various VPNs and proxies. However, even with the site itself complying with orders from the court, success is not guaranteed. In recent weeks various Rojadirecta knockoffs have appeared online, providing unrestricted access to sports streams in Spain. And so the game continues. — The list of newly blocked domains in the UK (including their original domain names) is as follows:
  12. To improve our site and your experiences at TVN, we want to announce that without penalty all members are allowed to download just the SAMPLE (if that is a file within the selected torrent) from torrents they are interested in to check audio and video quality. Since we recommend the use of UTorrent we will cover how to check our site to see if SAMPLE is listed, then within Utorrent how to download only the sample. When you select a torrent from our vast listing on TVN, below the Like and download icons, you will see gray boxes with white lettering: DETAILS, COMMENTS, IMBD, SIMILAR TORRENTS, SUB TITLES, NFO, FILES and SCREENSHOTS. You will want to put your cursor on the box marked FILES and click it. That will show you all the applicable FILES that make up that particular Torrent. “IF” you see a FILE marked SAMPLE then this torrent qualifies for you to ONLY download the SAMPLE before deciding whether or not you want the entire torrent. REMEMBER downloading SAMPLE is without penalty. If the torrent selected qualified then go back up click LIKE then DOWNLOAD icons. The torrent will now appear on your UTorrent page. Left click to highlight your torrent then go down to light gray boxes that read: GENERAL, TRACKERS, PEERS, PIECES, FILES, SPEED and LOGGER and LEFT CLICK the box marked FILES. RIGHT CLICK on files OTHER THAN SAMPLE, then LEFT CLICK and select DON’T DOWNLOAD. This way ONLY your SAMPLE file will download and you can decide once it has downloaded whether you want to go ahead and download the entire torrent. DO NOT SEED JUST THE SAMPLE!