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  1. NO MAN i never do such thing if u dont like this topic close it i made this topic just for chit chat
  2. i think my pc should handle any game without any problem my rig is :- motherboard:gigabyte 990 fx ud7 vga: gtx 780 3gb overclocked with accerelco extreme 3 fan cooler cpu:amd fx 8350 with corsair h100i ram: 8gb corsair power supply: enermax 750w 80+ gold sotrage: samsung ssd 840 pro 128gb + hdd caviar black 1tb case: cooler master haf x screen: lg 24inch full hd 1080p+3d
  3. the walking dead the best one ever :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:
  4. sorry for the loss iam sure everything w'll be back to normal soon cause this is a great community