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    HDBits | HDB | HD | 2020 Review Tracker Name HDBits Tracker URL Tracker Genre HD Tracker Type Ratio Based Tracker Signup Invite Only Bonus System Available Seed Difficulty Medium Tracker IRC #hdbits Tracker Description / HDBits / HDB is the most wanted tracker in the world. Its quality and rarity make everybody want to join! Fast downloading speeds, good pre-times, P2P and Scene releases and a good community are some of this tracker's advantages. Many well known release groups call "home". The most important of these are: CtrlHD, DON, NTb, CRiSC, EbP, ESiR, SbR, BS, ThD, RZF, SFH, wAm, EucHD, iNK, EA, LolHD, ToK, TayTO, ESPNtb, PerfectionHD, H@M, AtZLIT, NorTV, NiP and more. - Maintaining a ratio isn't overly hard but it does take work. Don't download porn thinking this will boost your ratio, it won't. These torrents are neutral download meaning nothing is counted towards your stats and really they are a waste of precious space. Make good use of the top pinned torrents as these do not count towards your download. Be sure to have completed the torrents before they are removed. Once removed from freeleech they begin to credit your account and ruin your ratio - yeah I learnt the hard way. -Inactivity rules are as followed: Upscale User Class: Disabled within 4 weeks. Unparked accounts: 6 months of inactivity - account disabled. 12 months of inactivity - account deleted. Parked Accounts: 1 year of inactivity - account disabled. 2 years of inactivity - account deleted. VIP members and ABOVE: Exempt from this rule. - If you are expecting to be away for some time PARK your account. Don't forget just browsing the site does NOT qualify as activity. You need to be actively downloading and seeding content to keep your account. Downloading a 1GB file will NOT save you either. Appreciate the tracker and put in the effort. - To be apart of this community you need to make good use of the IRC channel and forums section. IRC details are in the above table but each member requires a special key to make use of the main channel.It is usually just a click of your mouse and bam you have a personal key. DO NOT SHARE IT WITH FRIENDS AND/OR FAMILY! The forums are a fun part of HDB. New members are made to feel really welcome, the tech support is always active and full of troubleshooting etc and the other sub sections are really active so it really does represent a great community to be apart of. - Uploading has an interesting twist. All members who are the user class 720p and below must use a section called 'offers'. To be eligible, the upload offer must receive 15 votes from other users of the community before it is approved by staff for upload. Most offers receive the required numbers of votes anyway! - SEEDBOXES! While they are allowed and you are technically allowed to share a seedbox, avoid downloading or seeding the same torrent from two accounts on the one seedbox. This is classed as cheating in the eyes of staff and you'll more than likely lose your account. You do not need to notify staff of your seedbox or that you are sharing. Home Browse Film TV TV Recommendations User Lists Offers Requests Guidelines Upload Creating a torrent IRC Forums RSS Top 10 Subtitles Bonus FAQ Rules Files Links Lotteries for encodes Staff My Rating Pretimes 9 / 10 Community 9 / 10 Content 10 / 10 Speed 10/ 10 Tracker Rating 10 / 10
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    GazelleGames | GGn | Games | 2020 Review Tracker Name GazelleGames (GGn) Tracker URL Tracker Genre Games Tracker Type Ratio Based Tracker Signup Invite Only Bonus System Available Seed Difficulty Hard Tracker IRC #gazellegames, #ggn-help Tracker Description GazelleGames (GGn) is very well-known gaming tracker and it's an usual dream of every gaming pirate out there. This tracker is known as it's mostly called by the community (and most of us will agree) the 'Paradise' for gamers and game lovers. Once you gain access to this 'sacred' place of the gaming community (Invites are most of the time closed but Staff will open an application signup form from times to times and invites are hard but not impossible to find since user classes from Pro-Gamer and above can send invites), you will immediately realize that it's almost impossible to not find anything you look for. The tracker is running on a Gazelle designed template and that usually comes with features like comfortable browsing, grouped releases with multiple choices from release versions, different scene releases, Internal releases (GGn) and updates, in an overall great and tidy organization. Besides the tons of gaming content you'll find in there (and with the 'tons' i mean literally every single gaming platform you ever owned like NES, Game Boy, Atari to all the new ones like PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch etc. even Mac and mobile games), you will also come by to a huge quantity of E-Books, OST's (Original game soundtracks), Tutorials and everything it might come to your mind all related to gaming. Maintaining a ratio is not really hard as Freeleech opens most of the time for some specific torrents (a good way to start building a buffer) that users contribute from their Gold pouch (GGn's bonus system) and also you'll come across some 24hr Freeleech in random moments from GGn staff. The downside on that is that you probably going to need a Seedbox since all users are taking advantage of the auto-dl feature so you'll find yourself behind when trying to grab those new torrents. Bonus systems is not the most generous system out there but your actions are definitely being rewarded. Seeding old torrents or any torrent for ever, staying idle on their IRC server, filling up requests or get some requested jobs done (you'll find multiple tasks on the Job Board on their forums) or even browsing the site will get you some random gold rewards and all of that will get you a decent amount of Gold to buy some Upload or remove some download or even buy yourself a personal 24hr Freeleech to keep you going. Staff and community are always available and active, you can play games on the forums or even get your problems solved in no time on the main IRC channel. In my opinion and my experience it is one of the most helpful and active communities out there. User classes require some achievements to be filled in order to promote. If you are active you'll see your promotion come pretty quickly. You'll get a more detailed view on that on the screenshots that will follow. To wrap all that you can see from it's statistics that we're talking about a huge community currently siting on 19K enabled users, 64K uploaded games and with a huge number of 183K torrents in general uploaded and 2217K seeders it is the gaming paradise after all. With an all around conclusion if you love gaming and everything related to it you will love this tracker. It's one of the kind and it will give you the feeling that staying on this tracker is something like a game itself with it's innovating Shop system build up with items and gold like you're playing an RPG. Totally recommended without any doubt. Home Games Bundles Requests Upload Forums Top 10 Torrents IRC Shop Rules Wiki User Classes Donate Staff My Rating Pretimes 9 / 10 Community 9 / 10 Content 9 / 10 Speed 9 / 10 Tracker Rating 9 / 10
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    Redacted | RED | Music | 2020 Review Tracker Name Redacted Tracker URL Tracker Genre Music Tracker Type Ratio Based Tracker Signup Invite Only Bonus System Not Available Seed Difficulty Hard Tracker IRC #redacted, #red-help Tracker Description Redacted is very well-known music trackers with extremely high demand among private torrent trackers users. Tracker features both lossless and lossy music, beside music it also has a large collection of audio software, music related eBooks, audiobooks, comics and music related e Learning videos. With a wide selection of music stuffs encoded in variety of formats & well-seeded torrents, make RED really a paradise for Music Lovers (but hey! don't dream a lot) RED arised on November 2016 after the closure of What.CD, which is why tracker gathered itself up so fast & reached now over 1.9 Mil uploaded torrents which is really great. Tracker speeds are too good with seedboxes as well pretty promising in content wise which will definitely cover your needs. Redacted's Community is active & strong as they got +35K registered members, Forums are active as well & most of requests are being filled as fast as possible. With my word i always repeat " The more you ban, The more you become most-wanted! ", RED staffs ban a lot for a reason or not! Maintain ratio is hard tends to moderate as: - No site-wide freeleech events , but not NEVER (it's just too RARE). - No bonus points system is implemented, makes it more harder to get good standings there. - If you don't have a fast seedbox to snatch newly uploaded stuffs & upload your own, Don't risk! Home Torrents Collages Requests Upload Forums Top 10 Torrents Rules Wiki User Classes How do I get invites? Pursuit of Perfection Freeleech Tokens Donate Staff My Rating Pretimes 8 / 10 Community 8 / 10 Content 9 / 10 Speed 9/ 10 Tracker Rating 8 / 10
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    Bibliotik | BiB | E-Learning | 2020 Review Tracker Name Bibliotik Tracker URL Tracker Genre E-Learning Tracker Type Ratio Based Tracker Signup Invite Only Bonus System Not available Seed Difficulty Hard Tracker IRC #bibliotik Tracker Description - Bibliotik / BiB is #1 Private Torrent Tracker for eBooks. On Bibliotik you will find applications, audiobooks, comics, ebooks and magazines under a billion different genres. - Invites only and staff members are strict with their invite policy. - Ratio is really hard to build and maintain unless you can upload allowed contents. - Tracker stats are 5,962 registered members with 435,660 torrents. Home Torrents Requests Collections Forums Rules Ratio Help Contact User Classes Upload Creators Publishers My Rating Pretimes - / 10 Community 8 / 10 Content 7 / 10 Speed 8 / 10 Tracker Rating 8 / 10
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    Hello, I have 5 x Invites Giveaway Rules: 1. Apply here. Please Do not PM me. 2. Do not post any proofs unless i ask you to do so. 3. Do not start spamming me with any possible way (Messengers, PMs etc) 4. Donors are much PREFERABLE as per their major part in supporting us. 5. Active member applying will be a PLUS! Activity means posting Giveaways / news / reviews / etc. Just having good standings over here!
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    Empornium | EMP | Porn | 2020 Review Tracker Name Empornium Tracker URL Tracker Genre Porn Tracker Type Ratio Based Tracker Signup Invite Only Bonus System Available Seed Difficulty Medium Tracker IRC #empornium Description - Empornium (EMP) is one of the largest international porn tracker around. It rose from the ashes of the old Empornium ( and was the place people fled to upon the demise of cheggit (and apparently BMT). The design has been revamped, as the site now uses gazelle. - Launched in March 2011, Empornium has slowly but surely become the reference in the Porn category. - Hundreds of torrents are uploaded daily with a grand total of 432k which includes single torrents / Packs / Monthly site-rips etc. - Another forte of Empornium is its amazing community, over 81k of members who are very active and are without a doubt one of the keys to the success of this tracker. Most of requests are being filled as fast as possible. - Maintaining a good ratio is very easy, there is many Freelech torrents each month (torrents > 30GB are always FL), a very generous seedbonus system, frequent contests, everything is done to give the user a pleasant experience. - Another great thing that EMP offers are medals and awards as a reward for community participation. You can receive medals for everything from uploading, seeding, downloading, filling requests, making presentations for your uploads etc. - Many torrents are being uploaded every day. New HD movies and vids plus many packs of specific sites and performers makes it really a paradise for a porn lover. - Joining Empornium on the other hand can be complicated as invites are only given to certain classes of users. Home Torrents Upload Requests Tags Collages Forum IRC Rules Rules User Classes FAQ Donate Rating Pretimes - / 10 Community 9 / 10 Content 9 / 10 Speed 8 / 10 Tracker Rating 9 / 10
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    Join some private torrent trackers and look for giveaway or recruitment or you can make some friends and ask them to invite you or you can purchase an invite and make your in. Hope my suggestions will help you to achieve your goal. Cheers
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    Prohibition of VPN/VPS/proxy/seedboxes & E-Mail whitelist 1. We prohibited any kinds of bypassing connection services e.g. VPN, VPS, Proxy, and yes, seedboxes also. But it's time to update our policy due to high demand. Now we are revising golden rules: Do not browse the tracker using any kind of proxy/VPN/VPS. If you need it for a reason, it must be approved in advance through Staff PM. The proxy/VPN/VPS service must be DMCA-free, non-logging, and has dedicated IP. Please refer to this Wiki article for more detail. So you are now allowed to use bypassing services(including seedbox) IF you are pre-approved by staff. UPDATE from Account rules, too: Up to two IP addresses are allowed per account. When two or more accounts are involved within the same IP address, related accounts will be banned. We were allowing users to use only 1 IP before, but now we are allowing up to 2 IPs. 2. With Gmail, we have operated our tracker for a very long time. But now, many sources claim that Gmail is not secure anymore. So we are announcing the E-Mail Service Provider whitelist system. In the new system, only whitelisted domains will be allowed to use. It does not mean that you necessarily change your E-Mail address BUT we are highly recommending to do that. This whitelist system prevents users to use Gmail or other unsecured providers as their NEW email address. The allowed E-Mail services are: - tutanota - protonmail Thanks for your continued support.
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    CHDBits | CHD | HD | 2020 Review Tracker Name CHDBits Tracker URL Tracker Genre HD Tracker Type Ratio Based Tracker Signup Invite Only Bonus System Available Seed Difficulty Easy Tracker IRC Not Available Tracker Description CHDBits is one of the best Chinese Private Tracker as well the fastest in uploading the most anticipated movies in the Blu-ray format. They have dedicated group of uploaders. The moment the Blu-rays get released they upload them on CHDBits. CHDBits has around 65,000 torrents and approximately 14,000 users. CHDBits is one of the best trackers for HD content, it is a must have tracker if you like quality. Personally, I love CHDBits for it's excellent pretimes and it doesn't matter if a torrent has few seeders because almost 85-90% use seedboxes or have very good speed so almost all torrents have very good speed even the speed of torrents with less seeders are tolerable. The most anticipated torrents or movies reach close 2000 downloads. It is very easy to have good ratio here but it is very difficult to join as they don't give out invites that often. Like all Chinese trackers they have freeleech, 50% discount and bonus system. CHDBits does something different apart from all this. Unlike other Chinese trackers, they want to users to have a certain amount bonus points to go move up to higher user classes. It takes a long time to upgrade user class. Also every so often they do an exam to remove the users who do not use their accounts, CHDBits has reached almost 60 percent its user limit and those who are inside are people with good speed and seed torrents. Home Torrents Movie Series 4K UHD Forums Offers Subtitles Top 10 Rules FAQ Donate Bonus Point System My Ratings Pretimes 9 / 10 Community 8 / 10 Content 9 / 10 Speed 8 / 10 Tracker Rating 8 / 10
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    @Liz , the background on the GazelleGames site has changed at sign-in if you can change the image named the site (GazelleGames) at the beginning of the review.
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    Hello @Liz, thank you so much for the review, it is very nice and beautiful, I want to know what are the next reviews if you can tell me? Thanks again
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    I recently broke the notification of new replies to private messages, which was dumb, but Gazelle has a way of damaging your sanity. I have fixed the problem, and the easiest way to resolve the problem without looking at anyone's messages was to run a blanket update on all threads created after some time last week. As a consequence you may see brand new unread messages, which is good, but as a side effect some messages you have already read will have been marked unread all over again.
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    Cricket fans were welcomed with a shocking message a few hours ago when the largest fan-created Cricket video archive on Twitter was targeted. Rob Moody, whose videos generate hundreds of thousands of views every month, was told to remove all copyrighted videos or lose his Twitter account. This threat prompted public outrage and soon after Cricket Australia retracted its claims. Copyright infringement is frequently framed as something horrible, an evil that has to be rooted out. However, it’s also at the source of many creative expressions or just pure entertainment. In these cases, copyright enforcement can do more harm than good. An example of such a clash took place on Twitter yesterday, when superfan Rob Moody informed Twitter followers that his massive library of over 2,000 cricket clips was at risk. Several videos were targeted by takedown requests from Cricket Australia and, if Moody refused to remove all infringing content, his account would be suspended. Needless to say, Moody wasn’t pleased, something he made crystal clear. “So I’m told to delete every cricket video I’ve ever uploaded to Twitter, over the past 11 years….. You have to laugh really! Just suspend my account and be done with it, as if I’m going to go and find all 2000+ videos since 2009 and delete them.” A lot of cricket fans, including various prominent names, were equally shocked by the decision. The archive of cricket videos has been a source of entertainment for many and has amassed millions of views. New Zealand international James Neesham urged those responsible to “sort it out” and TV-personality Piers Morgan jumped in asked people to “rise up” in defense of the video archive. The big problem, of course, is that the copyright claims aren’t entirely unwarranted. Moody doesn’t own the rights to broadcast the clips via Twitter. This is something he’s well aware of. “It’s nice that people like watching the videos but reality is what I’m doing is wrong, and can’t last forever,” Moody replied when someone highlighted this angle. While many people had already started to get used to the idea that their favorite cricket video archive would be lost, Cricket Australia jumped in. The organization was indeed responsible for the looming purge, but it was quick to retract its claims. Apparently, they were sent in error. “Some good news: The copyright claims against @robelinda2 were made in error and have been retracted. The videos should be back up and running soon,” the organization tweeted. “We’ve got no plans to shut down Rob’s old gold and will follow up on the processes around this,” Cricket Australia added. So, after a few hours, the crisis was averted. Rob Moody can continue posting cricket clips and given the events that unfolded today, he doesn’t have to be worried that Cricket Australia will go after him in the near future. This doesn’t mean that others can’t be targeted for posting the same clips of course. However, the whole episode shows that copyright enforcement can sometimes do more harm than good. This is something rightsholders may want to keep in mind.
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    1. Add Like & REP 2. Reply this post, and don't forget to mention me @ayyankhan 3. Do not PM me, I will PM you. 4. Give me +1 Positive Feedback after you received the invite. 5. Will ask for Proofs for ratios. Make sure to have them ready when asked. Good Luck.
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    Google Translation: From main page: WE WILL BE BACK SOON
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    Google Translation: Free Leech: until 2020-06-06 at 15:00:00
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    Google Translation: Le Chaudron is in freeleech thanks to the Common Pot
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    Google Translation: Hey you! Yes you yes! Are you also bothered by the "Just misunderstand" of your beloved torrent, because there are no more sharers? Are you online almost every day? Neat in your words and would you like to help? Do you want to draw your users' daily attention to "Hit & Run" and encourage them to share? Or just compliment your good users? We can use your help! Register now as a Moderator and join our fun team! You can register with your own Moderator.
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    DoubleUpload is ON until 7 Jun 2020
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    ToTheGlory | TTG | HD | 2020 Review Tracker Name ToTheGlory Tracker URL Tracker Genre HD Tracker Type Ratio Based Tracker Signup Invites Only Bonus System Available Seed Difficulty Medium Tracker IRC Not Available Tracker Description ToTheGlory (TTG) is one of the major Chinese HD trackers with both internal and external encodes and where you can find the best HD quality out there. It was founded in 2009. They have many internal encodes. Beside that, TTG is the biggest game download station in China. XBOX 360, Playstation 3 & PC Games torrents can be found with a large group of seeders. All internals are 100% freeleech for some time starting from 6 to 24 or 48 hours after that the become 50% or 30% freeleech. Keeping good ratio is very easy due to a lot of free torrents and bonus system. It is very hard to join TTG since their invite system has been closed for a while. Home Film & Music Game & Software Community Offer Rules FAQ Donate Bonus Points My Ratings Pretimes 9 / 10 Community 7 / 10 Content 9 / 10 Speed 10 / 10 Tracker Rating 9 / 10
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    The website is experiencing a prolonged downtime due to database issues.
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    Google Translation: Gold tokens for June 2020 5 gold tokens have been delivered to all users, expiring on 06/30/2020.
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    Hello, Welcome to Invite Scene! Make sure you read our Guidelines and enjoy your stay here. If there is anything you need or have any queries, just let us know . Best regards, Invite Scene Team.
  49. 1 point | LzTr | Music / OSTs | 2020 Review Tracker Name Tracker URL Tracker Genre Music / OSTs Tracker Type Ratio Based Tracker Signup Invite Only Bonus System Not Available Seed Difficulty Hard Tracker IRC #lztr, #lztr-help Tracker Description is a gazelle based private tracker dedicated specifically to Soundtracks, Game, Anime, Classical and as of recently Jazz & Blues music. Unlike other music trackers this tracker is dedicated to all kinds of OSTs. OST refers as in Original Sound Track. LzTr got 1.2K registered members with 21K uploaded torrents, including approximately 13K of perfect FLACs & with a great percentage of fulfilling requests 80%, which represents a small community but a really strong one. Maintain ratio is hard as : - No bonus point system is implemented there. - New uploaded Freeleech torrents are just searching for a needle in straw! LzTr invites are hard to come by, you can get them with donations or by being a Power User rank or so, that's why they're not many around. Moreover, a risky tracker to join due to their closed-small community, they do ban ALOT! Home Torrents Collages Requests Upload Forums Rules Wiki Credits Donate Staff My Rating Pretimes - / 10 Community 6 / 10 Content 8 / 10 Speed 7 / 10 Tracker Rating 7 / 10
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