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Found 299 results

  1. Invite Scene Official Store for Private Torrent Invites Our official store is one of the oldest and updated torrent invites selling store on the internet since 2011. Every torrent tacker is properly categorized by exact content and sorted by A-Z format. We believe that you will find everything here. If you are looking for something that is not on the list let us know, we will get that for you. So, let's take a look at our store. We have following torrent invites and accounts for sale. HD Trackers HDBits M-Team HDCorea (B2S) PiXELHD Awesome-HD x264 SceneHD TTG HDR HD-Spain HD-Torrents WiHD 3DTorrents Blu-Bits Bit-HDTV BitHQ HDCmct HDME CCFBits AceHD HDTracker HD-Space HDCenter BlueBird-HD Blu-Evolution Blu-Torrents HDTime HDSky HD-Mkv UHDBits TorViet Queros HQSource HD-Only General Trackers IPTorrents TorrentLeech SceneACCess PreToMe BitHumen GFT RevolutionTT Bemaniso NorBits PolishTracker nCore Sparvar Frolik Chorome FinBytes TheInternationals (ex-TTi) TorrentDay AceTorrents D2.Vu (Demonoid) TorrentBytes Fano FileList FunFile Greek-Team (MyTog) Ethor XtreMeZone DanishBits Acid-Lounge MySpleen Goem AppzUniverse Balkanelite Bitleechers CloneBits DigitalHive PolishSource PostFile PTFiles AlphaRatio All4Nothin PiSexy Zamunda.NET Movie Trackers TehConnection PassThePopcorn PirateTheNet DVDSeed KaraGarga SDBits Cinematik Gormogon Secret-Cinema TheHorrorCharnel ILoveClassics Cinemageddon AsianDVDclub VideoSeed TV Trackers BroadcasThe.Net Freshon BitMeTV TV-Vault TVStore E-Learning Trackers BitMe Bibliotik BitSpyder MyAnonamouse BrokenStones ThePlace TheGeeks BitSeduce ABTorrents StopThePress ElbitZ.NET LibraNet LearnBits ScienceHD TheOccult TheVault Porn Trackers Fux0r PornBits Forumophilia Malacka CherryKiss Adult-Cinema Deviloid Sinderella Pornbay Pussytorrents YourExoticTorrents Game Trackers BlackCats-Games BitGamer GazelleGames Music Trackers Pedro's Waffles TranceTraffic Music-Vid TranceRoute ProAudioTorrents TorrenTech PsyTorrents JpopSuki HotVibes Audionews Beathau5 Gettorrents Glabella HQMusic IndieTorrents KrayTracker LzTr Romanian Metal Torrents Music-Torrents Reggaetraders TheAudioScene Zombtracker AudioNews OpenMV OpenCD Psytorrents Sports Trackers RacingFor.Me MMA XtremeWrestling T3nnis FormulaMonkey WorldBoxing Tenyardtracker HD-Sportbits Aussierules Acrossthetasman Cartoon Trackers CartoonChaos AnimeBytes 32Pages Apple Trackers BrokenStones VideoSeed MacTorrents Images & Design FFFFOUND! Dribbble Designspiration Piccsy Grafolio TemplateP2P GFXNews CGPeers Reasons to do business with us: You are dealing with this forum's Administrator and #1 Seller Extremely fast sales Free safety tips and lifetime after sales support Exclusive discounts and very cheap prices One month guarantee for all the accounts Live chat support almost 24x7 and lots of freebies! CLICK HERE TO SEND US A MESSAGE AND TELL US WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR You can also add me on Instant Messengers Skype: invitervegas Discord: Inviter#5109 Google Hangouts: Windows Live Messenger: Yahoo! Messenger:
  2. We're bringing back the traditional Creampie April Event! You knew it was cumming, we all knew it was cumming, it's the classic Pornbay uploading event that turns boys into pie delivering men and girls into pie craving women! In order to celebrate the month of April, we're bringing back this classic event that's become synonymous with Pornbay! Throughout the month of April we will be giving out rewards for people who post creampie video torrents. To read more and submit your entry use the forum thread Creampie April 2021 Upload Event
  3. St.Patrick's Day is here, an excuse to celebrate, pretend your distant ancestry makes you Irish, & get sloshed on green beer (or is it goblin slime?). So with that being said let's celebrate it right here on Pornbay by guessed it PORN! Rewards will be given out for torrents that celebrate St Paddy's Day, Redheads, or the Irish! To read more and submit your entry use the forum thread Pornbay St Patrick's Day 2021 Event
  4. Site is offline. "We will be back as soon as possible..."
  5. Pornbay Romantic Valentine's Upload Event 2021 Love is in the air! Fairy moans fly all around as the birds and the bees buzz! Valentines Day is on Sunday and Pornbay will be celebrating love our own way all weekend! We will be giving out rewards for each participant who uploads a torrent with couples having sensual, erotic or romantic sex in the video. <3 To read more and submit your entry use the forum thread Pornbay Romantic Valentine's Event 2021
  6. Welcome G**** to the Admin Team... The Pornbay Admin team would like to welcome G**** to the site's Admin team. He's been a big help keeping the site running. This promotion is well deserved, and we look forward to his contributions to the site's administration team. You can send well wishes, and congratulations in -> THIS <- thread. The Pornbay Admin Team.
  7. An update on the security alerts many of you are receiving As you know some lowlifes are trying to get access to user accounts on Pornbay. We're taking this brute force attack very seriously. Staff are overwhelmed with the amount of forwarded messages, and it's time consuming to verify that your accounts are secure. Remember that a failed login alert means an attempt has failed and is a good indicator that your account is safe. If you should receive failed login alerts in your inbox we recommend you take the following steps: Change your password - Use something that is strong, does not use dictionary words, or sequential number sequences, and is not something (or a variation of) you use on other sites. A password manager like KeePass (which is both free and open source) can be of great help to create and maintain a password database. Keep an eye on your account, and watch for suspicious torrent downloads, uploads or other activity that you do not personally take part in. Other than that, you should be good to go. We also recommend that you make sure the password for the email address that's associated with your account is also secure and strong. Thank you, The Pornbay Staff
  8. Greetings Pornbay Users, At this time one of the fun little script kiddies seems to be attempting to gain access to user accounts. They are most likely attempting to gain accounts that they can sell. We want to remind everyone that account trading and selling are not permitted, and we are monitoring the situation. If you receive a security alert notice ( or many notices ) be assured this means that your account should be safe. In the mean time you can do the following: 1) Make sure you are using a strong password. 2) Make sure you are using a Unique password. 3) Verify your email hasn't been changed - If it has be sure to change it back, and change your password. Thank you, The Pornbay Staff.
  9. Name: PornBay Tracker URL: Tracker Genre: XXX/Porn Tracker Type: Ratio Based Tracker Signup: Closed Bonus System: Yes Seed Difficulty: Easy Banned Countries: None TRACKER DESCRIPTION PornBay is a great tracker if you’re looking for adult content. Launched a decade ago, Pornbay has slowly but surely become one of the references in the Porn category. However, it has had several vastly different versions. After the website updated to version PBv2 the site nearly died but with some help from some great coders and some help from emporium the site was reborn in version PBv3. The current version of the site runs on an Empornium branch of Gazelle and ocellot. With over 67k members, the community is very active and friendly. Their forum is also active. Ratio building is not that difficult as they have a lot of freeleech torrents uploaded every day. The staffs are also very helpful & will guide you through almost every situation. Hundreds of torrents are being uploaded daily with a grand total of more than 142k. Pre-Time and Speed are both good. Pornbay was open signup for a very long but has closed down registration recently. Joining this tracker won’t be as easy as before. It is one of the most underrated trackers that is promised to a bright future. Recommended. LOGIN HOME CATEGORIES TORRENTS UPLOAD REQUEST FORUM BONUS SHOP HELP RULES DONATE RATING Pre-Time: 8/10 Speed: 8/10 Content: 8/10 Community: 8/10 Overall: 8.5/10
  10. A surprise bonus for all users.... ( Even leech disabled users ). Greetings, As Christmas comes to a close around the world, the Admin team here at Pornbay, wanted to give everyone a gift that they could use how they wished. To that end every enabled user on the site has been gifted 2 free leech tokens (AKA Slots ). These tokens have been given to users regardless of if they are leech disabled or not ( In Ratio Watch ). However, those of you who have been leech disabled will have to fix your ratio to where you are again able to download before you can use your tokens. Merry Christmas to All, The PB Admin Team
  11. Sitewide Doubleseed for 2 days ---------- Merry Christmas from Pornbay Staff Pornbay Staff wishes each and everyone of you a Joyous and Merry Christmas! Whether you celebrate or not we hope your Christmas is safe and filled with the light of those around you. So we extend to you our little gift - three days of Sitewide Doubleseed! Everything you seed counts twice! We would have liked to make up for the Halloween mishap with a bigger event around this, but personal life has gotten in the way for those who can actually see what went wrong and their time on site have had to be devoted to the upcoming migration to the new codebase. We're sure you guys understand. If there should be any issues with the Sidewide Doubleseed not working properly please report it in this forum thread: here Don't forget we also still have nearly a week to go on our Winter Holiday Upload Event, where each holiday themed upload nets you one week of Personal Freeleech, as well as getting the entered torrent permanently freeleech for everyone! Check that forum thread out and upload your entry: here Merry Christmas! The Pornbay Staff
  12. Update on the Girls Do Porn saga... Greetings Pornbay Members, As some of you might have heard, recently one of the co-owners and performers for Girls Do Porn has plead guilty in charges related to the content production of the site. The other co-owner is currently fleeing federal prosecution and is apparently on the US FBI's most wanted list. In light of these facts, Pornbay has added Girl Do Porn, and Girls Do Toys to the forbidden list under banned websites. As with any other content on the Forbidden List, uploading GDP / GDT content will get you a warning, a ban, or both. Just don't do it. Unlike other types of rules / content changes, due to the nature of the legal violations, and the fact that most if not all of the victims are attempting to keep their names and likenesses out of the media, we have decided to apply the Rotten Apple Doctrine, which is simply, that a few rotten apples can spoil the bunch, and rather than try to figure out which content is problematic, it's easier, and safer to just remove it all. All of the GDP / GDT content that we could find has been removed. We are working on sorting through requests as well. If you have a GDP request that is still outstanding, please contact staff to bring the request to our attention, and to receive a bounty refund. If you had a previous request that was filled, please point it to us via a Staff PM, and we'll remove it, as it was filled, the bounty will not be returned. Thanks, The Pornbay Admin Team.
  13. Recent DNS issues & Pornbay Winter Holiday Upload Event 2020 First, a word about the elephant that marched into the room. As most of you have noticed we experienced some DNS routing issues the last couple of days. While some users still had access to the site, the issue arose due to an administration error at the DNS hosting provider. The issue has since been resolved and the site should have full functionality again. On cheery news, 'tis the season once more! We're bringing back the traditional winter uploading event! It's that time of the year again! N*** brings out her spiked eggnog and F*** overstuffs himself on christmas cookies and passes out whilst G*** shakes his belly like a bowlful of jelly - and Pornbay brings back the seasonal winter upload event! Visit the forum thread to read all about it and post your entries! Pornbay Winter Holiday Upload Event 2020
  14. From Staff: The DNS issues have been resolved. IF you've used any of the workarounds to access the site, you should revert them at this time. As to what happened... At the hosting provider where we have setup our own DNS servers, there was a billing snafu, and it took a bit for them to get it sorted. No data was lost in this event, and things are working as they were previously.
  15. Site is back online.
  16. Site is offline. From Staff: " is currently experiencing a problem with connectivity. The servers are up and humming nicely, but HTTP & HTTPS access are unavailable at this time. No ETA atm regarding a resolution."
  17. Site is offline. From Staff: " is currently experiencing a problem with connectivity. The servers are up and humming nicely, but HTTP & HTTPS access are unavailable at this time. No ETA atm regarding a resolution."
  18. Thanksgiving Stuffing 2020 Uploading Event It's Thanksgiving, a time for giving thanks for all the porn we have been blessed with and getting stuffed eating turkey...speaking of getting stuffed, over the Thanksgiving weekend we will be giving out rewards for each participant who uploads a torrent in which somebody gets stuffed like a Turkey. Visit the forum thread for more info and to post your entries here
  19. Sitewide Doubleseed for 1 day, 1 hour ------------------- Update: It appears the Freeleech function on the site does not work. The Sitewide Freeleech has been turned off. Sitewide Doubleseed still goes on.
  20. Happy Halloween! 26h Sitewide Doubleseed - and a special treat! Our Halloween Doubleseed Donation Drive was a success! We've pooled enough credits to set 26 hours of Sitewide Doubleseed. But we also have a surprise! Check the official forum thread to read all about it: here PornBay Staff wishes all of you a Happy, Fappy, Spooky and Safe Halloween!
  21. Sitewide Freeleech for 19 hours and 52 mins
  22. Sitewide Doubleseed Donation Drive, Halloween 2020 Masquerade, masquerade, grab your mask and don't be late To celebrate Halloween we're doing another donation drive for a big doubleseed event where everything you seed counts twice! It's sort of like a telethon fundraiser.. Instead of donating money.. You donate credits! Our goal is simple: 50 Million (50,000,000) credits When we reach that goal, we'll set the site to count everything you seed double on October 31st, 2020 00:00 UTC 'til November 1st, 2020, 02:00 UTC. Visit the forum thread to read more and donate toward the event: here
  23. Spooktober 2020 Uploading Event Uploading event To celebrate Halloween, it's an entire month of festivities on Pornbay! The month of October is Spooktober as usual and we're bringing back the fan favorite. To enter the event and have a chance to win the grand prize just upload a torrent featuring Halloween related content. Visit the forum thread to read more and post your submissions: here
  24. Clarification of Upload Rules... Greetings, It has come to our attention that the Upload rules were not clear enough in regards to what consists of an acceptable Site Rip, Mini-pack, or Mega-pack. Staff has discussed the best way to clarify this and as such we have updated the upload rules to better and more specifically clarify what constitutes a valid pack torrent here on PB. The update is as follows: Site Rip / Minipack / Megapack Additional Requirement In the case of Site Rips, Mini-packs, and Mega-packs, the videos in the torrent must have some connection to each other, such as same website, same movie series, same actor/actress, etc.. A collection of videos with the same theme (anal, transgender, bbw, etc..) is not acceptable for a pack torrent by themselves, and in that case the videos should be uploaded as individual torrents. Remember, when in doubt, ask staff via Staff PM. Again, when in doubt, feel free to send a Staff PM, we're always happy to be of assistance to users who want clarification of the rules. One of the reasons we have these limits is that, in general pack torrents, especially the larger ones, don't have the same longevity as non-pack torrents, can confuse newer users because people who only download some files are still shown as leechers, and in general are more of a headache all around for the staff. This clarification is not changing the rules, it is purely clarifying what was the policy before to make it clearer to both users and newer staff. As with all rules updates, this is not retroactive to torrents that were uploaded before today, and those torrents which don't comply from today forward, will be removed. In the case of torrents which were uploaded today, they will be removed, but no warnings, or other negative marks will be issued for them. Thank you, The Pornbay Staff