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  1. Invite Scene Official Store for Private Torrent Invites Our official store is one of the oldest and updated torrent invites selling store on the internet since 2011. Every torrent tacker is properly categorized by exact content and sorted by A-Z format. We believe that you will find everything here. If you are looking for something that is not on the list let us know, we will get that for you. So, let's take a look at our store. We have following torrent invites and accounts for sale. HD Trackers HDBits M-Team HDCorea (B2S) PiXELHD Awesome-HD x264 SceneHD TTG HDR HD-Spain HD-Torrents WiHD 3DTorrents Blu-Bits Bit-HDTV BitHQ HDCmct HDME CCFBits AceHD HDTracker HD-Space HDCenter BlueBird-HD Blu-Evolution Blu-Torrents HDTime HDSky HD-Mkv UHDBits TorViet Queros HQSource HD-Only General Trackers IPTorrents TorrentLeech SceneACCess PreToMe BitHumen GFT RevolutionTT Bemaniso NorBits PolishTracker nCore Sparvar Frolik Chorome FinBytes TheInternationals (ex-TTi) TorrentDay AceTorrents D2.Vu (Demonoid) TorrentBytes Fano FileList FunFile Greek-Team (MyTog) Ethor XtreMeZone DanishBits Acid-Lounge MySpleen Goem AppzUniverse Balkanelite Bitleechers CloneBits DigitalHive PolishSource PostFile PTFiles AlphaRatio All4Nothin PiSexy Zamunda.NET Movie Trackers TehConnection PassThePopcorn PirateTheNet DVDSeed KaraGarga SDBits Cinematik Gormogon Secret-Cinema TheHorrorCharnel ILoveClassics Cinemageddon AsianDVDclub VideoSeed TV Trackers BroadcasThe.Net Freshon BitMeTV TV-Vault TVStore E-Learning Trackers BitMe Bibliotik BitSpyder MyAnonamouse BrokenStones ThePlace TheGeeks BitSeduce ABTorrents StopThePress ElbitZ.NET LibraNet LearnBits ScienceHD TheOccult TheVault Porn Trackers Fux0r PornBits Forumophilia Malacka CherryKiss Adult-Cinema Deviloid Sinderella Pornbay Pussytorrents YourExoticTorrents Game Trackers BlackCats-Games BitGamer GazelleGames Music Trackers Pedro's Waffles TranceTraffic Music-Vid TranceRoute ProAudioTorrents TorrenTech PsyTorrents JpopSuki HotVibes Audionews Beathau5 Gettorrents Glabella HQMusic IndieTorrents KrayTracker LzTr Romanian Metal Torrents Music-Torrents Reggaetraders TheAudioScene Zombtracker AudioNews OpenMV OpenCD Psytorrents Sports Trackers RacingFor.Me MMA XtremeWrestling T3nnis FormulaMonkey WorldBoxing Tenyardtracker HD-Sportbits Aussierules Acrossthetasman Cartoon Trackers CartoonChaos AnimeBytes 32Pages Apple Trackers BrokenStones VideoSeed MacTorrents Images & Design FFFFOUND! Dribbble Designspiration Piccsy Grafolio TemplateP2P GFXNews CGPeers Reasons to do business with us: You are dealing with this forum's Administrator and #1 Seller Extremely fast sales Free safety tips and lifetime after sales support Exclusive discounts and very cheap prices One month guarantee for all the accounts Live chat support almost 24x7 and lots of freebies! CLICK HERE TO SEND US A MESSAGE AND TELL US WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR You can also add me on Instant Messengers Skype: invitervegas Discord: Inviter#5109 Google Hangouts: Windows Live Messenger: Yahoo! Messenger:
  2. I want more : myanonamouse Bibliotik BrokenStones Karagarga Cinemageddon cinematik RARBG aka ncore theplace thevault PTP Redacted Hdcenter account uploaded 1 G [Account + e-mail music-vi d EOTI Hdcenter Xspeeds TheHorrorCharnel __________________________________ I have for trade : [ I can trade my Account with Invites ] Baconbits BeyondHD UHDBits PolishTracker MyAnonamouse Elite-Tracker PsyReactor ----> ----> Account buffer + Invites ----> Account + Invites ----> Account buffer + Invites ----> Account + 10 Invites BemanIso PolishSource Anmie> Account buffer + Multi Invites AnimeTorrents Forums, Sites ----> ----> Account + Multi Invites Programs Games former (UGC) UltimateGamer.Club Avg.Club BitGamer Movies & TV ShazBat.TV FileWarez.TV HD-Torrents M-Team TheHorrorCharnel ----> Account buffer + Invites Desitorrents.TV ----> Account buffer + Invites BitmeTV TheEmpire HDHome Bit-HDTV RoDVD Blutopia HDMonkey Hon3yHD - 700G buffer Music ----> Account + Invites PsyReactor IndieTorrents TranceTraffic ----> ----> Account buffer + Invites HQMusic ----> ----> Account buffer + Invites ----> ----> Account buffer + Invites ----> ----> Account buffer + Invites Waffles ----> ----> Account buffer + Invites Metal.Iplay.Ro ----> ----> Account buffer + Invites ----> ----> Account buffer + Invites General FileList PolishTracker PreToMe ----> Invite ----> ----> Account buffer + Invites ----> Account buffer + Invites> Account buffer + Invites TurboWolke.Skynet BitHUmen AlphaRatio Teracod Fano Carpathians ICE Torrent LastFiles Majomparade IPTorrent TorrentLeech TorrentDay ----> Account buffer + Invites Learning Elite-Tracker MyAnonamouse ThisMight.Be ----> ----> Account + Multi Invites ----> ----> Account + Multi Invites ----> ----> Account buffer + Invites ----> Account buffer + Invites TheShow Wrestling Sport & Motorsports ----> ----> Account buffer 5 Tera + 4 Invites AcrossTheTasman
  3. Sitewide freeleech is active! Ends in 4d 11h!
  4. A message from the Subtitle Team KG's subtitle editors team wants to extend a warm "thank you" to all who contributed to a bumper crop of good subtitles during the last year: subtitlers, extractors, proofreaders, synchers, timers, those helping out others with hard to hear parts. Together we're making a lot of films accessible to a much wider audience. We'll do our best to irrigate where needed, looking forward to this year's harvest! A few reminders: If you didn't do so yet, please have a good look at these guides: Good subtitles and Final check of your subs. Instead of linking to subtitle sites, download those subs and post them in the Found elsewhere thread. Subtitle sites can, and do, go down. Do not post auto-translated subs in our forum. These have little added value, and anybody can drop a set of subs in there for themselves.
  5. For limited time We're offering (KG) Invite, PM me for price. URL:
  6. [Have] TorrentHr invite,BitVault invite,BaconBits invite,x264 invite [Want] Exigo,Karagarga,HD-Only.
  7. have [ - Karagarga - MV - Bibliotik - HDCorea - BitVault -TOG - Norbits - M-Team] Want : Good offers
  8. Rules and invites update Dear all, We've updated and clarified our Golden (previously General) Rules - please give them a read. The situation with invites has been long overdue, we know; time has now been spent reworking the old invites code and here's where things stand: We've given one invite to all Power Users with at least one upload on site, and one invite to all Librarians and Bounty Hunters. If you already had your maximum available invites, you haven't received an extra one. Power Users must have been a member for at least 1 year to send an invite. VIP+ classes now get their invites topped up monthly instead of weekly. No more "10 - 9 = 1", it just shows the number of invites. We'll look at how best to do the next round of invites, there is no ETA for that at present. Best wishes, staff
  9. HAVE: Karagarga, EOTI , Polishtracker, TNT, TS-Tracker, x264, HD-Corea, thevault, theoccult, thegeeks, theplace WANT: Good offer!!!
  10. DONATIONS (2020) Current: **% of 100% Dear all, it is time we collected donations for our annual server expenses. Please contact s**** if you can contribute this year. We will update this news item regularly.
  11. KaraGarga | KG | Old Movies | 2020 Review Tracker Name KaraGarga Tracker URL Tracker Genre Old Movies Tracker Type Ratio Based Tracker Signup Invite Only Bonus System Available Seed Difficulty Easy Tracker IRC #KaraGarga #KG-Help Tracker Description KG is a very famous and great tracker specialized in rare and old movies from different countries. KG is an exclusive private file sharing community focused on creating a comprehensive library of Art house, Cult, Classic, Experimental and rare movies from all over the world. Every month, in movie and music categories, two masters are chosen by members. KG offers a bonus system but not in the form of points. Any bonus collected goes towards your ratio and can be obtained through seeding a normal / HD torrent, filling a request, reseed requested. Joining KG is very difficult as invites are not available for all users, Only Staff, Uploaders and some old members. Home Browse MOM Requests Pots IRC Bonuses New User Guide General Rules FAQ The KaraGarga Manifesto Donations Firstline Support Ratings Pretimes 7 / 10 Community 8 / 10 Content 9 / 10 Speed 8 / 10 Tracker Rating 8 / 10
  12. Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for (BiB) invite. Thank you! Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for (EMP) invite. Thank you! Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for GazelleGames (GGn) invite. Thank you! Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for (PTP) and (KG) invite. Thank you!
  13. Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for (PTP) and (KG) invite. Thank you!
  14. Freeleech on KG Ends in ~4d 18h
  15. Cinematik | TIK | Movies | 2021 Review Tracker Name: Cinematik (TIK) Tracker URL: Cinematik :: Login Tracker Genre: Old movies (foreign/arthouse) Tracker Type: Ratio Based Tracker Signup: Invite Only Bonus System: None Seed Difficulty: Medium Tracker / SSL Port: 6697 or 7000 [Non-SSL Port: 6669] / Channel: #Cinematik TRACKER DESCRIPTION The place to be if you like old/niche movies! Like its similars to Karagarga and Secret-Cinema, Cinematik strives to be a tight community for art house/niche/foreign movie enthusiasts. Cinematik has an active community and forums where members can discuss these classic and rare movies in a friendly environment. Like its counterparts, Cinematik keeps away from Hollywood and Bollywood. You won’t find any new Hollywood blockbusters or mainstream movies here. I think it would be appropriate to name Cinematik as a micro version of Karagarga. Whereas Karagarga has many rips, Cinematik does not have any DVD-rips or BD-rips. No surprises here, you will only find full DVDs and full BDs here. Cinematik has around 6000 users and 57000 torrents. Maintaining a ratio without a seedbox or uploading your stuff is hard here, but you will be fine as long as you snatch the freeleech (Golden Torrent) torrents as soon as they are uploaded. However, keeping a good ratio can be a bit tricky as there is no bonus system implemented. Luckily, they have global freeleeches several times a year. Rules clearly state that you have to seed torrents to 1:1 ratio or for a minimum of 3 days. They also have these rules about your ratio: As this is a very tight community, retention and speed of old torrents are not that good, but they are tolerable. Newer torrents seem to have better speeds. Invites are very hard to come by. Invites aren’t handed periodically, you have to request them in a special forum thread and that requires a lot of activity. They have a decent request and offer section where you can vote for the movies you would like to see uploaded. In my opinion; along with Karagarga, Cinematik is a must have for art house/experimental/niche/cult/rare cinema lovers. This tracker is not for everyone. 95% of people won’t find Cinematik interesting. But it is a heaven for the remaining %5. It is paradise on Earth for those who love Criterion Collection movies! LOG IN HOME TORRENTS UPLOAD FORUM TOP 10 TORRENTS RULES USER CLASS FAQ DONATE My RATINGS Pretimes- /10 Community 9/10 Content 9/10 Speed 9/10 Tracker Rating 9 /10
  16. Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for (EMP) invite. Thank you! Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for (HDB) invite. Thank you! Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for OMGWTFNZBs invite. Thank you! Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for GazelleGames (GGn) invite. Thank you! Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for (KG), Cinematik (TIK), and CinemaGeddon (CG) invite. Thank you!
  17. I'm looking for a good price for invites to the following trackers: KaraGarga, Cinematik, and Cinemageddon.
  18. Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for (KG) invite. Thank you!
  19. Dear all, Temporary Freeleech (TFL) is among us! A TFL torrent works similarly to a featured torrent, but only temporarily (namely: upload is counted and download is not counted). After the time limit expires, a TFL torrent reverts to being a normal, active torrent. It's easy to tell if a torrent is currently TFL: it's advertised in big, purple letters at the head of the Description. TFL comes in two flavors: 48 hours and 7 days. The former will be applied by staff to approved and reviewed upgrades (which are in English or have English subtitles). Please note: only upgrades uploaded since the introduction of the 48h FL option will be set to FL. The 7 day FL will be applied to films which get custom subtitles. On the right of the main site, you will see that there is a new section showing all the latest TFLs. You may post your questions and comments here: Best wishes, Staff
  20. Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for (TVBZ) and BizTorrents (BT) account. Thank you! Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for (KG), Cinematik (TIK), SDBits (SDB), CHDBits (CHD) and CinemaGeddon (CG) invite. Thank you! Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for (PTP) and AvistaZ (AsiaTorrents) invite. Thank you! Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for (WiHD) and (HDO) invite. Thank you!
  21. Hi there! I'm looking for a good price for invites to the following trackers: KaraGarga, Cinematik, SDBits, CHDbits, and Cinemageddon.
  22. Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for KaraGarga (KG), CinemaGeddon (CG), Cinematik (TIK) and TV Vault (TVV) invite. Thank you! Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for BeyondHD (BHD) invite. Thank you! Hey there! I have just sent you a quote for BroadcasThe.Net (BTN), (PTP) and (HDB) invite. Thank you!
  23. I'm looking for a good price for invites to the following 4 trackers: TV-Vault, KaraGarga, Cinematik, and Cinemageddon.
  24. Dear all, we're reforming the ratio system. The reform has been a long time coming and was discussed extensively among the devs/staff this year. The first step will be lowered ratio requirements. The tracker rules page now reflects these new values. These new requirements do take effect immediately. We trust that this will reduce ratio stress. Download amount: 0-100 Gb. Minimum share ratio: no requirement. Download amount: 100-200 Gb. Minimum share ratio: 0.05. Download amount: 200-400 Gb. Minimum share ratio: 0.1. Download amount: 400-700 Gb. Minimum share ratio: 0.15. Download amount: 700-1000 Gb. Minimum share ratio: 0.2. Download amount: 1000 Gb or more Minimum share ratio: 0.25 In words, the differences are: the requirements start later (at 100gb rather than 20gb), they are slower (increase in .05 instead of .1), each step is longer, and therefore the ratio requirement becomes stable at 1TB instead of 500Gb.